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Blue History
Oil on panel


Elena Zolotnitsky

Show dates: March 1st - March 31st

"Beauty always offers its own form of seduction" — Elizabeth George

Beauty is my inspiration. My goal is to combine the ultimate search for the ideal with the personal emotional rebirth. My art making practice embraces the painting tradition I was trained in while scratching to break out of it. Painting surface, luscious and seductive, is of primary concern in friction with slightly off kilter subjects.

I vary painting supports: panel, canvas, different kinds of paper and mylar to draw innovation to new surfaces. I like to think of my creative process as “meditating in paint”, recreating visual language with the new inspiration. And I am satisfied when painterly and emotional values are synched at the very core of the portrayed.

Over the past few years my art has become increasingly personal and intimate. I am driven more by my pursuit of the formal concerns of painting instead of by desire to relate a narrative. Yet I remain always a figurative artist, one who feels a special affinity for the craft, subtlety, and peace of Flemish art and the art of Balthus.

I strive to create paintings that are both well-crafted and probe deeply into the mystery of the medium itself, widening the spectrum of that which is portrayed. Painting for me is the magic act, when the combination of oil paint, a bit of imagination and a lot of heart create something alive that other people can relate to on emotional level. And that is what art does, I think - it transforms energy of labor into feelings.

– Elena Zolotnitsky

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